Cost and Benefit Analysis in Maximizing User Adoption of Fit Tech for Uniforms

How to ensure a high uptake of your fit tech amongst wearers.

There are huge benefits to having an accurate garment size recommendation tool, such as Bodi.Me’s Size-Me, linked to your uniform collections. It can help to drastically reduce the number of costly returns, help to reduce overproduction as data supports range optimisation, thus improving sustainability, plus yield a more comfortable, happier workforce.

However, not everyone is always happy to use fit tech so we are often asked how companies can encourage uptake of the technology with the end users. In our experience, many shoppers find using some of the fit tech on the market to be either a hassle to use, or intrusive. However, Bodi.Me is very different and has been designed specifically to support uniform companies and their customers. We support our customers in helping to encourage uptake of the technology by educating the users about our system and how it works. Here are the top five things users should know:

No intrusive methods: Bodi.Me’s methods are non-intrusive. There are no body scanners and no photos to upload. Size-Me is a new generation AI-powered fit tool and can generate highly accurate, personalised fit recommendations based on just asking a few simple questions that most people will have to hand. We use high quality data from more than 350,000 3D body scans and models, the latest machine learning, and optimised algorithms to extrapolate a complete body profile with a high degree of accuracy.

Easy to use: Bodi.Me has purposefully been designed to be quick and easy to use for all. Furthermore, it can be integrated into most existing systems, so users won’t need to navigate new websites or learn how to use new systems. It means that they just order uniforms as they have always done, only now with the added benefit of a tool that helps them to choose the right size first time around.

Size habit: Many people are fixated on a number. They believe that because they have always been a size 10, or they just bought a new pair of jeans in size 10, their uniform will be a size 10 as well. This is not the case. Professional clothing fit is quite different to high street and leisure clothing. There is a lot to consider with work clothing as they need to support the wearer in their daily tasks. We ask wearers to forget about size when they order, and to focus on the fit that they need out of their work clothing instead.

Flexibility and Choice: A uniform is just that – uniform. But people are not. We are all made differently and we all need choices. Bodi.Me’s system also allows users to choose the fit that is right for them. On all our systems they can say whether they want a particular garment to be tighter fitting, neutral, or a loose fit. With our Size-Me 4.0 solutions, which features a 3D avatar, wearers can even get a glimpse of what the item may look like on and they can choose the perfect fit for them with a great degree of accuracy. If for example the wearer wants an item tight around the waist but loose at the hips, they simply scroll through the fit range until they find their ideal fit.

Inclusivity: Size-Me can be tailored to specific range needs and we work closely with uniform companies to ensure the right fit recommendations for every garment in their range. We have even worked with uniform companies to create entirely new fitting systems. This can be particularly useful for PPE or gender-neutral styles. Read about our bespoke system crafted for Marks and Spencer here.

Ultimately it is important to ensure that the workforce that will be using the system understands the benefits to them. The fact that obtaining the right fit the first time will save them time and hassle, they get a comfortable uniform – no need to put up with tight bits here and loose parts there. Importantly, by using the system they also contribute to reducing waste and improving the sustainability of their uniforms. This is important to a lot of companies and wearers.

We offer all our customers support and materials to help them educate the uniform wearers and would be happy to speak to you about any challenges you may anticipate in this area.