Recently Amazon announced the launch of its try-on tech and many high street fashion stores already offer something similar. Try-on tech and avatars are a hot topic right now, but getting the right fit for a uniform versus for a fashion item, is quite a different ask and uniforms need very specific considerations. This is why we are super excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Size-Me 4.0. Offering the first ever try-on tech, with 3D avatar, developed specifically for the uniform industry.

Originally created for a large uniform contract using a non-standard and entirely gender-free size system, the new technology is focused on providing a fit recommendation, rather than simply suggesting the right size. For most people, comfort is king when it comes to the uniform, so how it fits is their number one priority.  Also, as we see uniform lines moving more towards gender-neutral and more inclusive designs, size as we know it, becomes almost irrelevant.

The 3D avatar is generated from the information entered by the user.  They enter their height (weight is optional), and the size they wear in either a bra or shirt and trousers, including the fit they prefer – from tight to loose. This generates body measurements and the 3D avatar, which the user can edit to better represent their body shape. The fit of each item in the uniform range is then shown on the avatar. For example, for a skirt, the avatar would show how a certain garment would fit around the waist and hips in any given size. If the wearer wants it tight around the waist but loose at the hips, they simply scroll through the range until they find their ideal fit.

The really clever part, that you won’t find in fashion fit tech however, is how granular the tool is, taking into account a large number of variables in the garment style, to provide the fit indicators where it matters for that particular style. The award-winning Size-Me software uses high-quality data from more than 350,000 3D body models, and growing, seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge AI, the latest machine learning (ML) integrated with its proprietary algorithms to extrapolate a complete size and fit recommendation from just a few simple questions. This level of detail is something you’d be hard-pressed to find in a fashion fit tech offering and offers a much more personalised approach.

As with all other Bodi.Me innovations, the new Size-Me 4.0 tool can easily be incorporated into existing systems and can be personalised to meet each customer’s needs and requirements.

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