“Bodi.Me’s Bespoke Fit Technology Facilitates M&S’ Shift to Gender-Neutral Staff Uniforms and Sustainability Goals”

From Dior’s leopard print skirt-shorts to Valentino’s gentler take on tailoring, gender fluid designs are on every catwalk but the issue of sizing gender neutral garments, remains a challenge. In turn this leads to high return rates* which are costly from both a monetary and sustainability perspective. As such, M&S’ staff uniform supplier, Incorporatewear, presented Bodi.Me with a unique challenge: how to seamlessly incorporate M&S’ new collection and support the high street retailer’s somewhat 14,000 members of staff with the transition.

Starting with its existing, award-winning Size-Me platform, Bodi.Me developed Size-Me 3.0 for the task. The bespoke version of the UK based SaaS company’s garment sizing solution has been specifically tailored to mitigate the uncertainties associated with size selection for gender neutral collections.

Uniquely, the software uses high quality data from more than 350,000 3D body models, seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge AI, the latest machine learning (ML) integrated with its proprietary algorithms to extrapolate a complete size and fit recommendation from a few simple questions, with a high degree of accuracy.

To support M&S’s team, the Size-Me 3.0 also introduced an ultra user-friendly approach by incorporating a set of straightforward and familiar questions for each wearer to address. It uses touch-free body measurements and requires no intrusive wearer photos or body scans and all data is entirely confidential. This intuitive interaction facilitates the provision of precise size recommendations for every garment within Incorporatewear’s extensive new gender-neutral uniform assortment for M&S.

“Size-Me is a ground-breaking, precise and adaptable platform. Its USP is its outstanding capability to accurately predict sizes for individuals, thereby drastically reducing the return rate and the accompanying environmental impact. By working closely and collaboratively with Incorporatewear and M&S, we were able to meticulously crafting a technology solution that aligned perfectly with M&S’s core corporate values of inclusivity, gender-neutrality and sustainability,” states Lara Mazzoni, Bodi.ME CEO and co-founder.


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