We carefully select Fashion Technologies partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions

3D Body Scanners

3D body scanners capture the most complete and accurate set of body measurements. Generating a 3D avatar that exactly describes the proportions, shape, and measurements of individual bodies, 3D body scanners can provide essential insights into the wearer base of brands, retailers, and uniform suppliers.

At Bodi.Me we work with a carefully selected partner for the provision of 3D body scanning technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions that help you understand your customers’ body shapes and develop bespoke customised patterns for perfectly fitting clothes.

Our solutions allow you to easily scale your business and instantly share consistent data sets with suppliers around the world.

Key features of our 3D body scanners include:

  • Customer-operated body scan (no assistance needed)
  • Quick operation – just three seconds per scan
  • Full 3D body profile
  • 200+ body measurements specific to pattern making
  • Measurement customisation
  • AI-driven algorithms
  • Ground-breaking optimisation and personalisation

Fabric Scanner

3D fabric scanners are an innovative, fast, and cost-effective way to create a digital library of fabric swatches and speed up the client communication process.

Our carefully selected 3D fabric scanner service partner has developed solutions to support the clothing industry as it moves away from physical sampling towards a more digital, sustainable future.

A proprietary AI algorithm renders fabric scans in true-to-life 3D format, generating colour, specular, normal, metallic, roughness, and ambient-occlusion maps. These maps can be exported into a virtual try-on platform for an instant preview of the 3D garment design.

The scanner software is powered by a smartphone (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, or X). The scanner comes with a simple flat pack kit and a free app.

Key features of the 3D fabric scanner include:

  • Intelligent RGB colour analysis
  • Fabric database management
  • Advanced editing tool
  • Compatible output formats

Virtual 3D

At Bodi-Me we have partnered with our 3D digital provider to offer a fully integrated 3D garment design platform that enables clients to quickly and easily create their 3D virtual collections by mixing and matching 3D apparel designs, fabrics, and other details.

Use the extensive 3D menswear collections already available in the 3D Platform or create your own custom 3D designs using DC Suite, an integrated 3D design solution, and upload these to the 3D visualisation platform.

 Follow this simple four-step process:

Step one: Design your unique collection using DC Suite, the 3D garment design software, or choose from built-in menswear collections.

Step two: Scan your fabric using the 3D fabric scanner service and convert them into realistic digital swatch libraries.

Step three: Upload your designs and create 3D clothing collections by matching garment designs to fabric selections.

Step four: Make the 3D garment visualisations available to customers in-store and online.