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Size-Me Solutions

Size-Me is a fast, cost-effective, and accurate garment size recommendation tool for B2B and B2C apparel businesses. It uses touch-free body measurements and requires no intrusive wearer photos or body scans.

Our garment fit solution uses high quality data from more than 350,000 3D body scans and models, the latest machine learning, and optimised algorithms to extrapolate a complete body profile from a few simple measurements with a high degree of accuracy. The software supports plugins for the major e-commerce platforms.

From just height, weight, and chest or bra size, we can recommend the best size for each wearer from your range, based on your garment data.

This means fewer returns, improved customer satisfaction and retention, more accurate inventory, and better sell-through.

Fit Better. Sell More. Waste Less

Size-Me for Uniform Companies

Uniform fit is not like fashion fit.

A uniform must fit all shapes and sizes and getting it right is a huge challenge. It is no longer practical or cost-effective to create sizing sets and individually fit each wearer. Our system is designed to work across a vast range of sizes and body shapes to deliver a more streamlined, digital fit process that saves you time and money. Wearers can input their basic measurement data and receive personal fit recommendations based on the sizing data of your garments.

A perfect fit = a smarter workforce + happier wearers

It also means fewer returns, less waste, lower costs, and a smooth uniform rollout whatever the size of the contract.

Size-Me for Made-To-Measure Garments

Made-to-Measure is both the new frontier of fashion and its traditional heritage. From tailored suits to bespoke garments of all types, Made-to-Measure is one of the priorities for the apparel sector moving forward and a key strategy for reducing overproduction and making the fashion industry more sustainable.

Our Size-Me fit technology takes the time and complexity out of Made-to-Measure and transforms it into a streamlined, touch-free, digital process. From just a few simple questions, Size-Me can predict up to 50 body measurements from which even the most complex bespoke garments can be fitted with a high degree of accuracy.

Size-Me for Made-to-Measure is designed to integrate with third-party software to deliver a quick and seamless design-to-production process. In combination with a digital pattern platform, the measurements can be used to create a bespoke digital pattern that can be sent to production within minutes. Used with a 3D visualisation configurator, brands can create 3D virtual product libraries using the digital patterns, creating an ideal interactive 3D solution for bespoke clothing businesses.

Size Me for Custom Integrated Solutions

A perfect fit is perfectly individual. This is true for wearers and for businesses. Our clothing fit technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your systems and uses your garment data to generate personalised size recommendations for your wearers, reducing incorrect sizing and fit issues to less than 3%.

And because each business is unique, we can tailor the user interface to meet the needs of your wearer base. Need a custom set of measurement questions? No problem. We will work with you to determine the optimum number and type of measurements required for your garment range to ensure you get the best results every time.

Bodi.Me is a Fashion Fit Technology company that is solving the uniform garment industry’s costly SIZE MATCHING dilemma, by integrating Size.Me an easy-to-implement, seamless and versatile Size Advice Platform, able to instantly provide ACCURATE SIZE RECOMMENDATIONS