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Size-Me Solutions

Size-Me is a fast, cost-effective, and accurate garment size recommendation tool for B2B and B2C apparel businesses. It uses touch-free body measurements and requires no intrusive wearer photos or body scans

Our garment fit solution uses high quality data from more than 350,000 3D body scans and models, the latest machine learning, and optimised algorithms to extrapolate a complete body profile from a few simple measurements with a high degree of accuracy. The software supports plugins for the major e-commerce platforms.

From just height, weight, and chest or bra size, we can recommend the best size for each wearer from your range, based on your garment data.

This means fewer returns, improved customer satisfaction and retention, more accurate inventory, and better sell-through.

Fit Better. Sell More. Waste Less

Size-Me for Uniform Companies

Uniform fit is not like fashion fit.

A uniform must fit all shapes and sizes and getting it right is a huge challenge. It is no longer practical or cost-effective to create sizing sets and individually fit each wearer. Our system is designed to work across a vast range of sizes and body shapes to deliver a more streamlined, digital fit process that saves you time and money. Wearers can input their basic measurement data and receive personal fit recommendations based on the sizing data of your garments.

A perfect fit = a smarter workforce + happier wearers

It also means fewer returns, less waste, lower costs, and a smooth uniform rollout whatever the size of the contract.


Based on Bodi.Me’s established Size-Me 2.0 award-winning platform, Size-Me 3.0 was developed to address a specific challenge encountered by our uniform client during the rollout of their new gender-neutral collection to 14,000 employees of one of the UK’s largest retailers.

Introducing Size-Me 3.0 aimed to support the retailer’s transition and sustainability objectives by minimizing uniform returns.

This ultra-user-friendly solution simplifies the fitting process with a set of straightforward questions for each wearer, eliminating the need for intrusive photos or body scans while maintaining exceptional accuracy. The advancement in capturing the preferred fit of currently worn clothing brings Size-Me 3.0 to a new level of personalization and granularity.

Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the Size-Me solution enhances fit optimization, resulting in a notable 85-90% reduction in returns attributed to fit issues.


Introducing Size-Me 4.0, the latest advancement in uniform fit technology from the creators of the award-winning Size-Me 3.0 platform. This groundbreaking solution marks a significant leap forward, offering the first-ever try-on experience with a dynamic 360-degree 3D avatar tailored specifically for the uniform and professional clothing industry.

Originally conceived for a large uniform contract featuring non-standard sizing and a completely gender-neutral size system, Size-Me 4.0 focuses on providing personalized fit recommendations rather than merely suggesting the correct size. The cornerstone of this technology is the innovative use of a 3D avatar, generated from user-provided information. Users input their height (weight is optional) and their preferred size in either a bra or shirt and trousers, along with their desired fit—from tight to loose.

This input generates precise body measurements and a customizable 3D avatar, reflecting the user’s unique body shape. Every piece within the uniform collection is presented on the dynamic 360-degree avatar, illustrating its fit around the waist, hips, and other critical areas using graphic 3D bands. For example, when evaluating a skirt, the avatar displays how the garment contours around the waist and hips across different sizes..

Users can easily adjust the avatar to better represent their body shape, ensuring an accurate fit visualization. Additionally, if they wish to explore different fits, they can seamlessly scroll through the range until they find their ideal fit, whether it’s snug or more relaxed. Size-Me 4.0 revolutionizes the uniform shopping experience by providing unparalleled customization and precision, setting a new standard for fit technology in the industry.

Size-Me for Made-To-Measure & Made-On-Demand Garments

Made-to-Measure and Made-On-Demand represent both the cutting edge and the timeless essence of fashion. Whether it’s finely tailored suits or bespoke attire of every kind, this approach stands as a priority for the apparel sector, emphasizing nearshoring and minimizing overproduction to foster sustainability, both ecologically and financially.

Our Size-Me fit technology has undergone rigorous testing by leading suppliers of pattern-making CAD software, cutting tables, and digital printing, all essential for Made-to-Measure and Made-On-Demand brands aiming to digitize and streamline their operations. With just a few simple inquiries, Size-Me can forecast up to 50 body measurements, enabling precise fitting even for the most intricate bespoke garments.

Size-Me is engineered for seamless integration with third-party software, facilitating a swift and efficient design-to-production workflow. When combined with a digital pattern platform, these measurements can swiftly generate bespoke digital patterns, ready for production in mere minutes. Coupled with a 3D visualization configurator, brands can construct immersive virtual product libraries utilizing these digital patterns, presenting an ideal interactive 3D solution for bespoke clothing businesses.

Size-Me for Custom Integrated Solutions

Achieving the perfect fit is a uniquely personal journey, both for individuals and businesses alike. Our clothing fit technology seamlessly integrates with your systems, leveraging your garment data to provide personalized size recommendations for your wearers. This tailored approach significantly reduces instances of incorrect sizing and fit by an average of over 95%.

Bodi.Me stands as a leader in award-winning custom-made fashion fit technology, catering to the uniform, workwear, and garment industry on a broad scale.

Recognizing the distinct needs of each business, we offer flexibility in developing and customizing our solutions to align with your wearer base. Whether you require a bespoke set of measurement questions or specific adjustments, we collaborate with you to determine the optimal number and type of measurements needed for your garment range, ensuring consistently excellent results.

Bodi.Me is a Fashion Fit Technology company that is solving the uniform garment industry’s costly SIZE MATCHING dilemma, by integrating Size.Me an easy-to-implement, seamless and versatile Size Advice Platform, able to instantly provide ACCURATE SIZE RECOMMENDATIONS