Pioneer in clothing size and fit optimisation since 2014. 

About Bodi.Me

Bodi.Me has been a pioneer in clothing size and fit optimisation since 2014. Our expertise and technology is based on years of research into the apparel sector and garment fit, and more than 350,000 3D body scans and models.

What we stand for
We want to solve the garment industry’s fit problem. Poor fit leads to high rates of returns, wearer dissatisfaction, poor sell-through, and costly unsold stock.

We need to solve the garment industry’s sustainability problem. More than half of fast fashion garments are thrown away within 12 months (McKinsey). Overproduction is not only costly, it is also no longer sustainable for our planet. Helping wearers select the best fit through fast and accurate size recommendation tools can reduce returns, optimise stock levels, and help businesses focus production on the sizes that sell.

What we do
We are experts in apparel size and fit technologies using touch-free body measurements. Our easy-to-implement size advice tool delivers fast and accurate results with a minimum of data. Ideal for uniform suppliers and e-commerce platforms, Size-Me integrates with your systems and matches wearers to the right size garment from your range via our proprietary AI technology. From just a handful of basic measurements, Size-Me extrapolates a complete body profile to provide instant size recommendations personalised to each wearer.

How we work
We will analyse your fit requirements to understand your specific needs and develop a solution that works with your garment range, wearer base, and production processes. We will work with you to integrate and test the software and support you through the launch and beyond.