Perfect Fit with 3D Body Scans

We are proud to partner with TG3D Studio.

Can’t find perfect fitting jeans? A custom-made jeans that ticks all the boxes (customized fit, waist, leg length, wash and trims) is no longer a dream!

After a year of testing, Weekday will soon be launching its innovative design concept Body Scan Jeans; Custom Made & Produced on Demand. The project, using 3D body scanning and algorithm technology, is a collaboration with our innovation hub “The Laboratory” and three external vendors, including the Global Change Award winner unspun.

Weekday will begin its custom jeans program called Body Scan Jeans in partnership with San Francisco- and Hong Kong-based custom-fit technology company Unspun, body scanning company TG3D and embroidery software YR Live, an event and experience company. The technology will launch for the public Thursday at Weekday’s Götgatan store in Sweden.

The concept will be available at Weekday in Stockholm, Sweden.

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