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“Make great together” is Threadless’ mission. With it’s myriad of quirky designs for both men and women, this company is deeply rooted in millennials’ ongoing search for the most original gear. Their unique commission system helps as well. By uploading pictures of various types of visual art, users can vote for their favourite design and transform it into a clothing item: T-shirt, tank top, long-sleeved or hoodie. The weird art, the geeky art, the beautiful art is what made Threadless what it is today. This type of business couldn’t have succeeded anywhere else but online so it is no surprise that their website is beautifully designed, reflecting their dedication to supporting all up-and-comers.

“You are Threadless. You make the ideas, you pick what we sell, you're why we exist.”Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart are the brains behind the Illinois based business. Everything began as a t-shirt design competition on the now defunct, a forum where users experimented with computers, code, and art. Nickell and DeHart invited users to post their designs on a dreamless thread (hence the name Threadless), and they would print the best designs on t-shirts. Soon enough the term crowdsourcing was coined in a Wired article and linked to Threadless, turning what used to be as a small collaboration in Nickell’s apartment into a role model for Kickstarters everywhere.

 With you too can contribute to supporting the artist community behind Threadless and get your dose of quirkiness in just the right size. Through our techniques such as the 3D avatar and body scanning solutions we can take care of the boring sizing issues while you enjoy the shopping spree you deserve.