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Sweaty Betty is an UK fitness brand specializing in fashion forward apparel for the active woman. With more than 15 years of experience in the business, this is the shop that you want to try for your gym wardrobe. A wide range of garments such as t-shirts, vests, trousers and shorts as well as underwear and swimwear has been developed especially for workout purposes in order to maximize your performance and have you looking your best at the same time.

The first Sweaty Betty shop was opened by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton in 1998 in the now legendary Notting Hill, London. . Nowadays fitness and fashion are two almost inseparable industries but back then bland grey sweatpants and oversized t-shirts was the best apparel a gym ever saw. Crammed between a pawn shop and a convenience store, the stylish and understated fitness boutique looked ready to fail, but once the customers started rolling in and the fitness craze swept the world far and wide, Sweaty Betty became a winning concept. Sleek track suits and street style cool jackets match the hip bags that will fit everything in either muted shades or impossibly cool neons. If being fabulously healthy is your thing, Sweaty Betty is the place for you.

You won’t waste your precious energy shopping online at Sweaty Betty. Browsing the website is a breeze, with the same minimal and sleek concept applied to this platform as well. Go through the fab collections and take a look at their inspiration section if you’re looking for advice. As fit is a very important issue in sportswear, Bodi.me will  help you with your customized sizing advice. Try our 3D avatar and body scanners or simply put in your measurement and we will recommend your best size. Enjoy the shopping spree you deserve with Sweaty Betty and Bodi.me