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Orlebar Brown is an UK menswear brand that sells beachwear and resort wear with a touch of gentleman. Based in London, it launched in 2007 and now has developed into a go-to shop for those who are planning a vacation.

Not so much a swim short but a ‘short you can swim in’, Orlebar Brown offers the essentials for smart holiday travel – something you can wear on the beach, by the pool and then smart enough to go and have a drink or lunch. Owner Adam Brown started with 1000 pairs of shorts sold from a spare room but in 2010 Orlebar Brown began the move off the beach, beyond the pool and into the resort continually evolving our collection to reflect their concept of how resort wear should be. Timelessly flattering with an understated simplicity, founder Adam Brown’s message is clear: “our styles, fit and colours are not age or place specific. All of our shorts should look equally good either on a yacht in St. Tropez, surfing in Cornwall or at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza.”

Orlebar Brown is sold now through international retailers, resorts, hotels and beach clubs around the world but if you want your own impossibly cool resort outfit available at any time, their online platform will offer the same great shopping experience. No need to worry about sizing issues either. Bodi.me has developed special techniques such as the 3D avatar and body scanners in order to save you the hassle of dealing with size problems. Just put in your measurement and enjoy your shopping spree at Orlebar Brown.