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Old Navy is one of the fashion industry’s leaders in stylish apparel at “must have” prices. What started as a lower-prices division of Gap in 1994, Old Navy developed its own image and essence. Its collections have a wide range of products and sizes, with special plus and petite lines in order to make sure that any customer can enjoy buying their clothes.

American fashion at its best, Old Navy strives to live up to the highest principles as a company. Don Fisher, one of the co-founders, challenged the brand to “Do more than sell clothes” and that is exactly what they are doing. Increasing wages, hiring and educating a strong female work force as well as hiring students is just a small part of their plan. With such a firm grasp on what social responsibility should be for a business, it is no wonder that it became one of the favourites for Americans everywhere, having more than 1000 shops worldwide. It doesn’t hurt that everything you need for your closet is one place, from special occasion dresses to comfortable barbecue chic as well as the accessories to match.

A good online presence is a must for such a well functioning company so in establishing their website, Old Navy paid the same attention to details as it does with its products. Thousands of items to choose from, helpful look books if you’re stuck for an outfit next to affordable prices and worldwide delivery will make Old Navy your favourite shopping destinations. Do you think choosing the right size will be an issue? Try Bodi.me’s techniques such as the 3D avatar and body scanner and you will receive your own customized sizing advice. Let us take care of the troublesome sizing issues while you enjoy the shopping spree you deserve.