OBEY online shopping carries you away in the world of street art. Only just after visiting the webpage, you already yearn for exploring what it has for you. By offering a wide range of garments, for both men and women, the brand will definitely strike a chord with you. By purchasing an OBEY garment, you do not just buy a physical object, you also get something that has social and cultural meaning.

Skateboarding, street art and graphic designs – these are Shepard’s inspirations to create the casual brand OBEY. The innovative designs he creates, are a way of expressing his influences, ideals and philosophy of the surrounding world. Shepard uses his life experience as a base of the art he creates, which provokes thoughts in people and reach wide demographics all over the world. This is the power of art and Shepard knows how to use it.

Shopping OBEY online is a whole new experience. What can destroy the moment is size guessing which often leads to returns. However, Bodime has created a size advisor that can get you rid of these unpleasant moments. Bodime’s 3D avatar and body scanning will give you your exact measurements, which are then automatically synced to our website. Once this is done, we will give you an accurate size advice and we guarantee that the chosen by you garments will fit you like a second skin.