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One of the most respected names in women’s apparel today, Karen Kane has made their comfortable and sophisticated style available for online purchase. With a beautifully designed webpage that not only features the clothes available but Press and Community sections as well, the brand shows how well grounded into the present it is.  With a wide range of options, Karen Kane truly is a modern brand with a long history.

A family business to begin with, Karen Kane is the work of Karen and Lonnie Kane who launched the brand in that classic Americana way: out of their garage. The first collection was shipped out in December 1979 and it was all hand sewn by the couple. Soon enough, the company started to grow and, 25 years later, is still going strong. While trends have changed since Karen launched her first collection, her approach and personal philosophy toward fashion has never wavered. She designs with ease, luxury, and longevity in mind. Her inspiration comes from that which is closest to her soul – the California Coast she has long called her home, the city streets she and her co-workers navigates each day, and of course, her family. New lines have been carefully added in order to offer the modern woman everything she needs in one place. Nowadays, you can shop Special Occasions, Karen Kane Essentials, Karen by Karen Kane, Cascade Wrap Collection, Super Soft Collection and Maxi dresses, as well as a full range of plus sized clothing. Each of these comes with a different style, but the quality and practicality that characterizes Karen Kane is still the essence of the designs.

Through online shopping you can enjoy Karen Kane’s collections all around the world. For those of you who are still unsure and don’t look forward to the possibility of returning items or simply don’t feel like dealing with another size guide, Bodi.me has developed advanced measuring techniques in order to create your own 3D body avatar and make sure that you will never receive the wrong size again.