While Gap started a long time ago by selling only jeans, the company has now an entire ready-to-wear collection available for online shopping. Review the clothes designed by the brand, including tees, tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, jeans, outerwear and more. Designers work on collections for men and women, as well as for children, babies and toddlers.


Gap is casual style done right. The company founded in 1969 doesn’t need to be presented anymore. From the very begining with its iconic “falling into the Gap” jingle in 1973 to its spectacular e-commerce expansion in 2010, Gap has made it into the Fashion world. Created with the simple idea of providing jeans that fit, the brand has accomplished a lot until now, and won’t stop surprising us in the future!


Gap offers customers from 90 countries the possibility to shop online, which means the use of a virtual advisor could be of help. This is why the Virtual Body Passport was created. This Virtual Passport contains all of the body data you need to shop online without having to guess your size. This means, that once you have given us your body measurements, we will start the process to find the perfect pieces of clothes for you. We offer to measure you with exclusive techniques, such as the use of a body-scanner or the shots of your personal webcam. All of this enables the more precise measurements and guarantee you’ll find clothes that will fit you like a second skin.