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Collections of dresses, tops and skirts are waiting to be browsed on the Frock and Frill’s website. Divided in 8 different categories, the brand’s dresses will definitely solve every outfit issue. Vintage designs, inspired from the catwalk, plus a fine touch of the brand’s exceptional style make Frock and Frill's garment a must have.  

The British brand offers a careful selection of colours and trimmings which aims to satisfy women’s desire for a feminine and elegant outfit. Fresh and beautiful, the brand’s dresses will accompany you during every special occasion. Shopping Frock and Frill online will definitely secure you a place among the top looks of the day/night.

Picking up the right size is as important as every other part of the outfit, such as colour and model of the garment, and we, from Bodi.Me, perfectly understand that. We also know how vital dress-shopping can be, especially when an important occasion is approaching. Shopping Frock and Frill online through our website will give you an accurate size advice and we guarantee that no time will be wasted in returns. By just registering and entering a few main body measurements, you will be able to enjoy online shopping as never before.