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Darling.com is the best place for charming, feminine and quintessentially English women’s daywear. With a wide network of retailer all over the world, Darling has brought together all their effortless dresses, tops, skirts and trousers in one place for you to enjoy.  Catering to all tastes, shapes and budgets, the website is easy to browse, has a celebrity sighting column and even offers exclusive discounts. No need to worry about finding the right necklace to match, the shop has a broad selection of accessories that will go with any pretty dress you chose.

A relative newcomer, having only been launched in 2008, Darling has successfully managed to become an award winning brand and a fashion magazine favourite.  Nadia Moraes’s vision is what started everything. As an independent boutique owner, Nadia spent many years sourcing pieces for her shops and was inspired to launch her own collection by the lack of affordable, beautiful and stylish clothing available. With fans such as Kelly Brook and Anna Friel, it is no wonder that the brand managed to grow so fast and still retain its unique appeal.

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