Burberry Prorsum

Shop Burberry ProrsumBeing one of the rare luxury brands available for online shopping, Burberry offers a high standard Internet shopping experience… Review the Prorsum collection directly on burberry.com and benefit from a large range of coats, jackets, dresses, knitwear for the lady; as well as trench coats, jackets, shirts, polos for the gentleman. Shopping Burberry Prorsum online will let you appreciate the savoir-faire of this unquestionable leader in the English luxury fashion, in more than 40 countries all around the world…


Prorsum is the high-standard declination of Burberry’s collections. The line of clothes offers mainly evening or weekend’s wear. The uniqueness and the prestige of this collection lies in the fact that garment are produced in very small quantities, making them quite unique. This collection is being known as the shop front of the Burberry House as it is worn by a various number of celebrities worldwide. Since its creation in 1856, Burberry positioned itself as the icon of the trench coat, which made it what it is today. The craftsmanship with which every single piece of clothes is created, is still today the demonstration that Burberry remains particularly respectful of the traditions and techniques its legacy has carried over generations.


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