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Discover an e-store flooded with creative garments such as coats, dresses, shirts, trousers and more… The diversity of the brand enables its client to shop accessories, bags, shoes and jewellery to match the outfits they already bought on the website… You can also enjoy a selection of online exclusive, a selection of garments and accessories designed especially for you, online shopping lovers!


Bimba y Lola is a Spanish brand specialized on semi-luxury fashion. The brand created in 2005 has gone through an incredible growth. Today the brand is represented worldwide, and has an online store delivering to around 30 countries! Every year, the brand presents creative collections inspired from nature, art, movies and more… Every woman can find her match, as the clothes collections go from geometric-print dresses to strip fur along with colours skirts and classic coats… The originality lying in every piece of clothes of the brand is its signature, and what made its success beyond the Spanish borders…


Using your account to shop Bimba y Lola online will enable you to wear the clothes the way they were meant to be. No need to wonder what is your size in a Bimba y Lola dress anymore: Get scanned by our team to create your account, and then shop without limits! If Bimba y Lola is internationally settled, they only have stores in capital cities, which make the process of trying clothes difficult for provincials. By using, you can finally buy from this brand safely, and from anywhere you want!