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Visit Betabrand e-store and pick up your favourites items among a broad collection of denim, shirts, shorts, jackets and more... You also have the possibility to fund the garments you love and have them shipped home when the production has started, with the condition that a sufficient number of people decided to support it as well. Betabrand offers apparel for women as well as for men, which means there is absolutely no way you won’t find what want on its web-store…


Betabrand is an online clothing company founded in San Francisco in 2005. The particularity of the brand lies in the fact that the clothes are designed and funded by its customers themselves… At first, Betabrand was manufacturing corduroy pants before starting a wilder production in 2009. The brand is recognized internationally for its ingenious yet simple way of doing Fashion… Betabrand adds new designs and new possibilities to the website everyday, with the help of its active fans, and thus knows how to keep its customers satisfied.


Wouldn’t it be great to design the pair of jeans you have always dreamt of, from your living room somewhere in Europe? With the help of your body passeport, gives you the possibilities to shop without borders, revelling a great deal of opportunities to find the best pieces of clothes… All you have to do is to get your measurements taken by your webcam, our body-scanner or by the simple mean of a measuring tape… Start the Betabrand experience today!