Our Team consists of Fashionistas, Pattern-Makers, Brainy Developers, Web Designers and Retail Technology Advocates. We all came together to create bodi.me: our answer to the growing need for a digital body passport capable of powering a whole set of customised services. Customised because we believe in a world of tomorrow where everything, from clothing to health, should be personalised to our individual bodies. 


Today your bodi.me allows you to shop clothes in your size – our brilliant algorithm matches your body with clothing measurements and tells you which size to buy. No more confusing size guides or trying to convert international variations. Just access the brand you're interested in through the bodi.me website and a neat top window will show you which size is right for you in all the garments. How do you enter your measurements? You may measure yourself manually, use our webcam or book a 3D body-scanning slot.


Tomorrow, you will be able to order custom clothes using your bodi.me login. With a click you could see your avatar in a virtual fitting room environment and try-on clothes in 3D. You could store all the data from your fitness monitoring devices in your bodi.me account for easy access. You could decide to permit your doctor to access your body data, helping him/her to prevent illnesses rather than treat them.

The Future.

bodi.me offers a new world of personal convenience, making buying fashion, taking care of your health and monitoring your fitness a whole lot easier.


One thing your bodi.me is now, and will always be, is secure. That’s our number 1 commitment: to keep your information absolutely safe and allow you to share your data only with the services you find relevant.