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Alternative Apparel brings some of the most sustainable fashion directly to you on their website. Shop a range of the most eco-friendly dresses, T-shirts, pants, outerwear, and more for both men and women. Whether you need a new favourite cotton T-shirt to sleep in or a new jumper with a one-of-a-kind wash, Alternative Apparel is the fashion destination for you. By shopping the brand online, you will benefit from exclusive access to the trendiest designs at the forefront of sustainable fashion worldwide. Shopping Alternative Apparel online will make sure you’re always well-dressed while simultaneously being environmentally conscious.

Founded in 1995, Alternative Apparel is hailed as a leading fashion lifestyle brand whose mission is to deliver simplicity, comfort, and passion to sustainability to all their fans. The brand chooses to let the quality of their clothes speak for them. Alternative Apparel ensures that each of their items is cared for vigilantly, from the softness of their fabrics to the hand-curated details to the unique washes of fabrics. Alternative Apparel is a proud supporter of sustainable fashion, producing collections dedicated to 100% organic cotton or proprietary eco-blends of recycled and organic material. By supporting Alternative Apparel, you’re also caring for the environment.

True to its commitment to make sustainable fashion available for all, Alternative Apparel ships internationally. But what exactly is your size in their newest collection of organic cotton knits? Shopping Alternative Apparel through will give you the online size advice that you need to find items for your unique body measurements. Using the latest technology including 3D body scanners, creates your digital body passport, the key tool to the best virtual sizing advice. Don’t torment yourself with returning clothes you just bought because it was the wrong size. With our advice, you’ll finally be able to confidently buy online at Alternative Apparel.